Flicker Fusion


Flicker Fusion is written by me, Jim Ray. I’ve been writing online for a while now and have managed to collect most of the blog-ish things (various tumblrs, newsletters) since circa 2007. For quips, find me on Mastodon.

I would prefer that the internet not be dominated by a few corporations, so this is my small effort to stand tall at the edge of the tornado.

My favorite blogs – your fireballs, eponymous.orgs, dearly departed isms – settled on a format that I’ve artlessly stolen. Most of the entries are links, with a bit of commentary. Occasionally there are longer posts. I tend to think of the links as bits of string, to use an old journalism idiom, that are sometimes woven into stand alone posts.

All entries are bundled into a single feed of various technical types. I’ve tried not to be too cute with the formatting or disambiguating one type of post from the other; this is the stream, wade in at your leisure.

I’m the type of nerd who reads the colophons of books, and perhaps you are as well since you’re reading the about page of a blog, so: the powerplant here is the static-site generator Hugo, hosted on Netlify with bits shuffled by git. Everything is written in Markdown and I still curse John every single time I try to _emphasize_ or *bold* words the correct way.

The templates are lovingly handcrafted by yours truly in the responsive style. I mostly use Nova, which I quite like, or a vim/tmux setup with a few special modifications when I’m feeling masochistic.

The masthead is set in Raleway, the remainder of the text in Public Sans at various weights. Critique is always welcome, particularly if something looks amiss or is illegible.

There is no tracking on this site. I use Cloudflare’s client-side analytics for a very basic understanding of traffic, pageviews, and 404’s. I’ve been GDPR compliant since before it was cool.

I sincerely appreciate you stopping by, subscribing, or just saying hi.