Flicker Fusion

Newsletter vol 16

Revolution of the Back Row Kids

I’m away from home, on vacation and trying hard to avoid most things that appear like news. Still, I watched the debate on Monday. Like every right-thinking American, I’ve been trying to cope with life in a time of Trump and keep coming up empty handed. In that spirit, and in keeping with the journalist’s tradition of “gathering string”, here are some pieces I’ve kept as touchpoints this past year.

There may not be a narrative that weaves all these strings together neatly but the themes are undeniable. Decade long struggles of race, class, gender are being thrown into sharp, sudden relief by the internet, globalization, inequality. Institutions are unable to keep pace with not just technological change but the rate of change — the last time that happened, we had to fight two world wars. Those of us who sincerely thought the internet would solve, or at least route around, these problems were not only wrong but completely naive. We have a lot of work to do.