26 May, 2015

Ad-block Redux

Frédéric Filloux, who writes an excellent, long-running column at Monday Note, was also thinking about Ad-blockers recently and has a much more dire set of predictions. Filloux has seen an as-yet-unpublished report that says ad-block usage is as high as 30-40% in France and Germany, and sites with very tech-savvy readers, like game sites, seeing as much as 80-90% of their traffic using ad-blockers.

Filloux also points out that plugins like AdBlock Plus are stripping out the “sponsored content” headers on native ads, which makes my proposed solution a bit murkier.

I continue to be optimistic about the end of banner-style and pageview driven ad models and that finding better ways to make money online will ultimately be better for publishers in the long run. Assuming there are any publishers left by then.